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Published on 01-10-2016
Author: Mark Pakvis

Heyl crate 2.0

Why a new crate?

This is a very important question before starting a new development. The crate has always been a very important in our logistics. We want to work as efficiently as possible and it's especially important in logistics that the packaging materials are good. We have been using the old crate since the Heyl company was founded in 1973. Today's management grew up with this crate, it was as if the Heyl brothers were born in it.

Because our customers and employees use the crate intensively, it's important that they are as optimal as possible. The goal was to be able to work more easily and quietly. We are proud that not only these 2 goals have been achieved, but also that we can transport more products with the new containers. In the long run, this will ensure that we need fewer trucks to deliver to our customers. We can now also better understand where the crates are because of different barcodes.

Does this mean that material breaks down faster?

The technology has been further developed since the 1970s and has also been greatly improved. This has made it possible to use less plastic for the production of our new crates. Unfortunately, the crates therefore tend to get damaged. Therefore we ask you to be careful with the new crates and to read the instructions for use.

The new crate is better for the environment

• Less CO2 emissions.

• 20% lighter to transport, requiring less truck power and less diesel consumption.

• 5 to 9% more volume in the truck.

• 25% less plastic processed in production.

• Does not use metal.

More ergonomic:

• The new crate is 1.4 kilos lighter. 4 instead of 5.4 kilos.

• The volume of a crate is 10 liters less, the total weight is less. Less overall weight means an advantage for you and your employees.

• Less noise when pushing and stacking.

• No metal brackets, these are made of plastic.

• Brackets are built into the crate and not on the outside.

• The new material does not rattle when they bump into each other or when you drop them.

Instruction manual

• Do not use the crate as a chair, table or stairs.

• Maximum weight (evenly distributed) 20 kilos.

• Do not force the bracket into the end position. The temples must be easy to move.

• Maximum stacked height: 20 trays.

• Do not throw the containers back and forth.

• Do not work witch the containers with anything sharp.

• Put the bins stacked together so that the driver can easily pick them up.

• Items that must be returned to us must be placed in the top crate.

What do we expect from you?

• That you use the crates according to the instructions above.

• Return the old crates. (We ask you to go through your shop again to find old crates so that the driver doesn't have to drive around with both types of crates for long)