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Any customer or student is welcome to visit our company. In addition to the explanation on our website about our processes, we also like to show you in real life!

Visit Heyl as customer

In addition to our online webshop, we would like to invite you "offline" to our location! Each flower shop is unique, each team has its own specialties and working method. That is exactly why we think it is very important for our cooperation that we know and understand each other well. Personal contact is therefore important. While you are visiting us, we will of course answer all your questions, whether it's to a product specialist or one of our board members. We are here for you!

We appreciate it if you take the time to visit us, which is why we are happy to arrange your visit! An overnight stay in a hotel, a visit to the Keukenhof or a visit to the beach is certainly part of that!

Besides the visit to our office and the logistics, growers visits are certainly also possible. Most nurseries are reachable in not more than a hour drive (many of them actually within 5 minutes). Do you have a preference for a specific product group or grower, let us know.

Relaxing, that’s also possible in Holland!

In the spring season we can offer you an extra colorful visit to Keukenhof in Lisse. In eight weeks, Keukenhof shows what the Dutch floriculture has to offer in the form of a beautiful flower garden.

A visit to the beach, less than 10 minutes away, is for all seasons. In summer in swimwear, but also wonderful in the winter, but wearing a winter coat! For the enthusiasts, on January 1 you can also join the Unox dive in Scheveningen!

In addition, more excursions are possible. For example, would you rather visit a city (go shopping)? Visit The Hague or Amsterdam. Or do you want to discover the old Dutch, visit Kinderdijk or Madurodam. Are you visiting in the summer? Take a cruise through 'Westland'!

In short, in addition to visiting us, we not only strengthen the relationship on a personal and business level. It is also wonderfully relaxing!

May we receive you?

Let your contactperson, our customer service know. Or get in tough via the form below,that you want to come over and we will contact you!

Tulpen en molens

Visit Heyl as a student

We like to open up our company to schools with curious students. We can show you how our processes work and why we have chosen this. Together with the school institution, it can be discussed which subjects / departments are covered in the guided tour or mini-master class.

May we receive you?

Let us know and feel free to ask about the possibilities! You are cordially invited to visit us. Contact our customer service or fill in the form below with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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