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Mission & Vision

This is what we stand for!

Our Mission

Serving florists in Germany optimally by providing them with all the necessary products in a smart way so they can make their customers happy with beautiful creations! In other words “Unser Serivce ist Ihr Gewinn!”.

What do we stand for?

Focus and service, those are our core values. A result of this is friendliness, optimal logistics and cost efficiency.

What makes us unique?

Thanks to the shared focus of all our employees, we offer a range that matches the German florist. This way, the grower knows what to grow, the florists can buy the desired products and all our employees know why we do what we do! We are not satisfied until all products have been delivered properly and on time.

Why flowers and plants?

In our opinion, flowers and plants are the best choice to share the emotions of life and set the mood. They are natural products, suitable for every occasion. As far as we are concerned, the ideal way to share grief, to say sorry or to say that you think about someone or love somebody.

Why the florist?

The florist is specialized in brightening up the world with the most beautiful creations of flowers and plants. We believe that local entrepreneurship is the most sustainable way to serve the consumer. In addition, the florist is able to serve their customers optimally in accordance with their environment, both budgetary and in different styles.


Therefore this is our vision: To support the local florist and make sure they have enough time and energy to show their strength in their beautiful creations for the end customer. Because flowers and green are more than just 'beautiful'.

Why Germany?

Germans love flowers and plants, stand for quality and are reliable partners.
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