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Published on 08-04-2019
Author: Mark Pakvis

Cooperation with MAF

We festively opened our new building in April 2019. The event lasted 3 days. These 3 days we provided a platform for the MAF organization. MAF is for people who live in distant areas; MAF makes them reachable for help, using 130 aircraft and means of communication. More than 1,000 (aid) organizations do their work faster, more efficiently and more safely thanks to MAF. Every 5 minutes a plane takes off somewhere in the world to help.

During these three days, MAF has been given a platform to share their goals, services and stories. They did this by means of a VR experience, photos of projects and telling their stories. Just like MAF, we find well-thought-out logistics and efficient systems very valuable! This was certainly an interesting topic.

Thankful are Joost Bijl, director MAF Netherlands, as Bram and Koen Heijl for a total proceeds of € 31,115, - a nice amount, which makes the unreachable a bit more accessible!

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