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Published on 01-10-2016
Author: Mark Pakvis

Crate action

In 2016, we replaced the well-known beige transport crates with new, green crates. Florists were able to buy the still usable beige crates and the proceeds will go to Hart voor Haiti and IJM (International Justice Mission). Many therefore paid more than the minimum price. “They found this campaign very sympathetic”, said Koen Heijl.

The proceeds of the promotion are more than € 125,000! This amount is divided equally among these aid organizations. Symbolically Robin Vlug of Hart for Haiti and Henk Jan Kamsteeg of IJM received the check from Koen Heijl. "With this campaign we can contribute to the fight against extreme poverty and give our old crates a new lease of life," says Koen Heijl at the presentation.

New green crates

The new green crates that Heyl has put into use for the transport of flowers are more efficient: lighter, stackable and ergonomically easier to handle. This allows savings on load volume and weight and enables us to send the often vulnerable flowers to the florists very responsibly.