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Our range is coordinated with the German florist trade. Whether it concerns cut flowers, (indoor) plants, (mourning) ribbons, ceramics or whatever the florist needs, we offer it in our online webshop. The trade in fresh products is different every day. We depend on many factors.

Our qualified employees often have years of experience and know the market very well. Thanks to the information from importers, worldwide growers, our system data and the knowledge and skills of our team, we are able to offer you the right selection that the German needs. We are also personally available for you if you need something different from our range.

No minimum order!

To give florists the opportunity to make varied purchases, we supply all products in a small packing unit. By doing this, our customers have a minimal loss percentage and they can present a wider range in their store!

Cut flowers

We would like to introduce you to our cut flower buyers! These colleagues are present daily to make a good selection of the worldwide flower production. Our range of cut flowers consists of +/- 1600 different varieties every day. We deliver all flowers that we order today to the florist in the shop the next morning.


We have a range from all over Europe and deliver this in the smallest order units. Every day we are busy collecting the best assortment for our florists!


In addition to our range of cut flowers and house plants, we also offer our florists the necessary binding / care materials and decoration material. These are delivered directly together with the ordered flowers and / or plants. Most of the trend offer can be ordered every day until 1 p.m. In addition, we have created a small "rider list" (with products that are most frequently ordered) from which florists can order daily until 5 pm. The next day this will be delivered along with their other ordered products in the store.

Wreaths and ribbons

Florists can order wreaths all year round. These wreaths are tied with Thuja and in winter with Nobilo and Nordmann. Dimensions are 50cm to 90cm diameter. These wreaths come from Germany. When florists have a special assignment and need mourning ribbons (or ribbons for another occasion), these are printed by our 'Schleifen ladies'.
Schleifen dames
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