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Our work process

Get to know how we work!
We are a flower and plant trading company that exports flowers and plants from the Netherlands to the German florist. But how do we do that? We will tell you that on this page.

Purchasing the products

The range that we offer is purchased on the basis of forecast.

Thanks to all the data we have collected in the recent years, the experience of our purchasers and keeping an eye on the supply and trends, we can make targeted purchases. We already know what will be bought before the flowers are cut. In this way we try to meet the needs of florists who often want to order as late as possible and have them delivered as quickly as possible. By getting supply fresh from the nurseries through forecasts, we shorten the lead time. Both between ordering and delivery, so that the florist does not have to think ahead unnecessarily and therefore has a greater stock risk. This also shortens the physical process between “cutting” and “vase”. And of course if the customer has already placed a (pre) order, we include this in our purchase of products. How the expectation is established is a mix of data and knowledge. In addition to the products that are delivered directly from the nurseries, the day starts with purchasing on the clocks of the Royal Flora Holland auction house.
De landscheiding
While the clocks are running, the products are delivered to us through an internal transport system. The products come directly from the nurseries between early morning and afternoon. And while the day goes by. The florist has the opportunity until 5 pm to purchase the products that will be delivered the next night.

Processing the purchased products

The products are delivered to our company, directly from the nurseries or via the internal transport of the auction. All flowers will be checked by us for quality and quantity. Where necessary, we reduce the packaging units. For example, products that arrive in packs of 50, we repackage in packs of 10, so the florist can purchase smaller quantities from one type of flower. The products are then set up at locations in the cold storage for the order pickers. The products are stored under a stable temperature. In this way the risk of spoilage is minimal. It often happens that products arrive at 3 pm and are already on their way to the florist at 5 pm.

Photos of the new products are taken

Our professional photographer makes sure to capture all the products that we purchase for the florist. Although they remain fresh products, which may deviate due to their nature and natural influences. We want to give the most realistic picture of the products as possible. We expect to be able to meet your expectations with the product photos we take. Because it is not possible to accurately read colors on a computer image, we use RHS colors, of which our customers also have a physical color fan, so that a product can be selected very specifically by color. Our photographer therefore checks the colors with natural light.


On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you can order until 5 pm. These days our order pickers are ready to organize the orders together and prepare them for shipment. Your order will be packed in crates. The florist's customer code is stated on each crate. When arranging the crates, the weight, length and sensitivity of the flowers are taken in mind. The heaviest products are placed on the bottom and the lightest on top. Some space is kept free on the sides of the inner space of the crates, so that the risk of damage is minimized. Our order pickers take care of filling the crates. Each order picker has his or her own space in our cold storage with its own 'streets' with products. With which we collect and pack the products with only one action. Your crate (if you order multiple product types) goes along several "streets" and is filled by different order pickers. The employee is controlled by “Truus” our pick-by-voice system. "Truus" tells the employee what kind of product and the quantity it has to be in which particular crate. It also asks for confirmation when an action has been performed or cannot be performed. Our software learns the best and fastest running routes from the employees. This means that software on the production department is no longer just an administrative support, but walking routes, forecasts and other complicated calculations are also carried out by the software. For order picking, this means a minimization of errors. The result of this is a reliable delivery for the florists.


We also manage transport ourselves. So that we have maximum control over the quality of the deliveries. After your orders have been packed, they are arranged at the docks (the place where the trucks load and unload), to be finally loaded into the trucks. Each truck has its own area of ​​florists that it passes by. That is why it is important that all products are loaded in sequence, so that it can also be easily unloaded. In addition to the cut flowers, the pot plants, wreaths and trend items that cannot be transported in the crates are also added to the order. These products are transported on so-called Danish trolleys. At this time, the delivery notes are also printed and given to our driver. From this moment on, the delivery note and the scheduled arrival time for our florists are available on our website. After everything has been loaded, our large trucks are on their way to a loading location where our smaller trucks are waiting. The orders are divided among the different trucks, each of which drives its “tour” past different florists. This logistics process means that we deliver the florists in a very efficient manner before opening time.
Venus 375 - Ochtend


While the florist enjoys the night's sleep, our drivers are on the road to supply the flower shops with a fresh stock of products. When the florist arrives at the shop in the morning, our driver has already delivered the order. Although our drivers are very good at avoiding traffic jams and can drive well even in snow and ice, something can always happen along the way. That is why we have track & trace on all our delivery units, with which we can inform the florists in the customer portal about the current status and delivery expectations. In addition, our customer service will inform the florist if there are traffic situations that cause the order to be delayed. After the order has been delivered, the order can be checked, unpacked, cut and processed.

Order delivered

It’s important that the florist checks the order. More information can be found here. Everthing allright? Then the florist can get started to make beautiful creations for the end consumer. Are you not satisfied with one or more of our produtcs? Then it's important that you contact us. This can be done via the digital delivery note, fax or in case of emergency, by telephone.


After the order has been unpacked, only the empty packages remain. We would like to receive this packaging back, together with our crates. We reuse or recycle these materials. Read here more about what you can and must offer for return.

Return of (incorrect) products.

When a florist wants to return products to us, he or she must contact customer service. More information about returns can be found here. If a part of the florist’s order is missing or if he of she has received extra deliveries, this must be reported to customer service. They will help to make adjustments and accommodate the florist.


We send invoices every week on Friday for the orders that were delivered that week. Each delivery is specifically described on the invoices.

Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us. View our contact page for the right person.