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Published on 09-04-2019
Author: Mark Pakvis

Opening new building #Aftermovie & Photo's

We look back on these three fantastic days with a great feeling. It was amazing for us to receive so many people in our new building. The interest and participation were not only overwhelming, but also a very nice gift for us.

We sincerely enjoyed all of you.


Greetings from the whole Heyl team

Proudly we present.... The official 'Heyl Eröffnung 2019 #Aftermovie!'

We want to thank everyone who took the time to visit us! In this video we share the highlights of the three opening days. Enjoy it!

Saturday March 30th

This day was the official opening for our families, friends and colleagues from the industry. We were able to receive more than 1000 people that day!

Monday April 1st

The first customer day! On this beautiful, festive Monday, we were able to receive 350 customers in our new building.

Monday April 8th

The second customer day! On this day we received 420 customers.