"Our service is your profit" - our team is working hard to offer you the best possible service every day. If you would like to leave a review, please mail us at allgemein@heyl.nl.

Blumenversand Rosenbote

Braunschweig, DE

"Very good! Very reliable! Very customer oriented! Price / performance ratio is right! "

Happy Flower

Laatzen, DE

“Price-performance ratio is right. Very good quality, on-time delivery, easy online ordering. "

Ewiger Frühling

Nordhausen, DE

"Great selection, great quality, if necessary complaints without problems NICE service."

Saxonia Floristik & Ambiente

Quedlinburg, DE

“Very good, varied range of flowers and plants. Excellent online collaboration. "

Blumen & Pflanzenhof

Wanzleben, DE

“Very good products, very good price. Special trips on public holidays are very good ”- Diana Weber

Blatt & Blüte

Dardesheim, DE

“Everything works perfectly. The goods are very, very good. "

Pti Fleur

Mannheim, DE

"Clear and easy to order"

Blumen Schulz

Hannover, DE

"Always very friendly customer service."


Leipzig, DE

"Very reliable and competent."

Blumenfach geschäft Arioso

Ingelheim am Rhein, DE

"Very good business partner"

Blumen Heinrich

Leipzig, DE

"Everything is just right: the service, the punctual delivery, the price, the range of products."


Heldrungen, DE

"The entire range of goods are as well as the logistics are excellent."

AS Floristik

Blankenburg, DE

"Great offers and good to very good quality at reasonable prices, I am very satisfied!"

Blumen & Schmuck

Rodgau, DE

“I am very satisfied with the frequent deliveries. Heyl always tries to fulfill our wishes, even at short notice. "


Rüdesheim, DE

"Customer-oriented, innovative and affordable - pleasant cooperation."

Blumen am Stadtpark

Erfurt, DE

“The price-performance ratio is very good and if there is a complaint or a problem, help is provided without any problems. If you have any questions, Heyl will respond immediately to find a solution. Really great. Keep it up."

Hofladen Mönchpfiffel

Mönchpfiffel, DE

“You can order easily and conveniently from home, the goods are delivered and are ready for sale in the store in the morning. The quality is super good and the price is right too. It couldn't be better. We are happy that you exist. Keep it up."

Blumen Balser

Butzbach, DE

“It's a good collaboration, the quality of the goods is great, the range of flowers and plants is huge, the delivery is good. I'm still looking forward to a flowery collaboration. "

Blumen & Ideen Löwenzahn

Nidderau, DE

“Very good quality, 99% complete delivery, unusual products, innovations in the delivery program, good communication. Heyl is a reliable business partner. "

Blumenatelier Sajusch

Kiedrich, DE

“The goods are usually great and if not, Heyl always has a good solution, with which we are all satisfied. You can always improve something, but Heyl is doing it. So, everything is great. "

DD Decoration

Nordhausen, DE

"Calling back if anything is unclear is wonderful - the employees' attention to all online orders or reservations is great. I think it's great that people think for themselves, pick up the phone and ask if something is unclear - unfortunately that has become so rare ! Contact on the phone extremely nice and flexible - just good! - delivery absolutely punctual and "unnoticed" - really great! "

Blumen Adler

Waldalgesheim, DE

"Flowers quality, price, performance, complaint processing and logistics (especially on" "hot days" "like Mother's Day etc .: Top !!! Innovative - Heyl is not only a supplier, but a top partner for your own business Offers such as the cash register system, homepage and services go far beyond the level of a "supplier only" ".

Michis Blumenparadies

Modautal / Brandau, DE

"Reliable and punctual delivery, very good quality, complaints are processed unbureaucratically, special orders are processed without any problems, super freshness of the goods, clear structure of the website ... easy shopping."

Blumen lädchen am Markt

Halle/Saale, DE

“Because everything is just right! Even this precious memory ..... you haven't ordered yet! .. is worth gold! We love you! You are so kind! The service is perfect, your service is our profit! Keep it up!"

La Rose / Murtfeld

Hannover, DE

'' We can complain less often! Great selection and our customers are happy. "

Blumen stübchen Gudrun Meyer

Harsum, DE

“Price-performance ratio is right and the quality is also good. We have been a Heyl customer for almost 20 years "

Petite Fleur

Goslar, DE

"The price-performance ratio and the quality is SUPER."

Floristikstudio KOC

Peine, DE

“Good advice, everything works out. I am very pleased."

Blumen Böhm

Giesen, DE

“On-time and very practical delivery. Uncomplicated complaint. Mostly good quality at reasonable prices. "

Gärtnerei Emmrich

Bad Salzungen, DE

“Everything goes well with the orders, even if something doesn't work out sometimes ;-). So far I can't say no, if there were problems, we were always helped. "


Sassenburg, DE

“Flexible, quick. Large assortment, I get good goods from all areas. The 10 units are great, so I can offer more choice. Your service is our gain. "

Die Blume

Mainz, DE

“The flowers are always top quality. The selection is always varied. I feel well taken care of with Heyl! Thank you!"

Blumengeschäft Steinecke

Hecklingen - Groß Börnecke, DE

“Flower quality is almost always very good. Good handling of complaints, friendly staff on the phone. A very nice partner! "