Before you start using the products, first check whether the order has been delivered correctly. If your order has not been delivered on time, check your email, text message and the website for the adjusted expected delivery time. When your order has been delivered, please check it carefully.


•  Count whether the correct amount of crates, boxes and / or trays have been delivered.

•  Check if your name is on every crate, box or tray, if not, please contact customer service.

•  Check carefully whether all packaging corresponds with the delivery note.

•  Did you receive too much or too little? Report this to customer service as soon as possible.


•  Now check whether all products have been delivered correctly.

•  Unpack the crates and mark on the delivery note which products you have received (put any additional products delivered separately, for example in an empty crate).

•  Has a product been delivered that doesn’t meet the expected quality? Set it aside and write this down.

•  Have you checked all the products and matches it with the delivery note? Great!

• Are you still missing products, did you receive too many or is there something wrong with the quality? Please contact our customer service. Would you like to submit a complaint? Then go to your customer portal and select delivery notes & complaints.


•  Then clear up the empty crates by stacking them (you can fold the brackets outwards, so that the crates can collapse).

•  View our page here with further explanation about returning materials.