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Published on 15-07-2023
Author: Mark Pakvis
Retro Webshop - Blumen

Retro Webshop

Our service is to periodically look back and see what we've changed and if it's better than it was before.

From time to time our IT people go through the digital archives with what has been built so far. They came across one of the oldest web shops, where the basic principle is still the same. We liked it so much that we incorporated it into the current web shop.

Are you interested in how one of the first web shops worked? You can do this via our "retro" webshop, which you can find via the main group in the regular webshop menu or click here (Deutsch) to go directly to the retro webshop.

Tip! If the speed of your internet connection fails, this retro web shop is a very good way to order 😉