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Published on 01-03-2023
Author: Mark Pakvis
Jacqueline goed

Work with us

Jacqueline (25) has been working with us since the summer of 2021 as an "all-round production employee". Her first year she did this through employment agency “AB”. She joined Heyl on 1 June 2022.

Visible everywhere, usable everywhere!

As an all-round production employee, Jacqueline is visible in all departments. On the export days, her day usually starts in the storage cell. Here she and her colleagues separate the waste that comes back from our customers. “I really enjoy separating the waste together. Once done, around nine, I will help in the factory after the break until the order picking starts.” Packing the flowers in the storage crates and preparing the crates for the customers is what she loves to do most and with passion.

Jacqueline has had an affinity for working with flowers for quite some time. “Before I came to work here, I worked as a tomato picker for 2 years. Before that I had several jobs through the employment agency. I started packing amaryllises at a horticulturist.” For the future she is very much looking forward to the internal course on bouquet turning. This ties in nicely with her wish to learn more about the quality and names of all the flowers she holds in her hands 4 times a week. Quality, fast work and an informal atmosphere are what Jacqueline considers to be of paramount importance. Especially the latter is what she finds very pleasant at Heyl. She says: "I really like the collegiality here and when the atmosphere on the floor is good, the work automatically goes well."

When the order picking starts, Jacqueline can also be found there. Where? Everywhere! “All workplaces are familiar territory for me. At the end of the day I also help with counting and moving. A nice moment to end the day!”

Once home in 's Gravenzande, the hobbies she has are waiting for her. “After work I usually go rowing on the rowing machine. I also like to play a video game or grab a good book. On weekends I like to go out for dinner with my family. After the weekend I get on my bike in good spirits to get back to work!